Monday, November 24, 2008

A5 November Newsletter

Hi! I am finally joining the rest of Forest Ridge and creating my own blog!! I will use this as a way to communicate with you about upcoming events such as field trips, assemblies and birthdays, post pictures, and keep you up-to-date on general activities of the week. For this notice I will include November's Newsletter. Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!!

A-5 November Newsletter
Dear Parents,
It’s hard to believe that we have already been in school for 36 days! November is always a very busy month since we have a grading day, conferences, Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving. We have been doing lots of reading in large and small groups. The students are now reading books in their book boxes as an opening job once or twice a week. We will soon be reading Growing Vegetable Soup and then asking the children to bring a vegetable to school on November 18th so that we can make our own vegetable soup for our Thanksgiving feast! Look for a note from your child to see which vegetable they should bring on Tuesday, November 18. We are also reading Turkey Takes a Walk, which is a book with lots of directional words. The students will be making their own little book so that they can read it to family and guests at Thanksgiving! I am introducing journal writing to the students soon and I will be discussing the writing process with parents at conferences. We are finishing up our second class book. The students finished a sentence starting with “I like” about what they liked at the pumpkin patch and then they will illustrate their page. We now have two class books (books that have a page contributed by each child) and the students love to read them.
We are adding new activities and games weekly to our math center times. We are also counting by ones, fives and tens and continuing to work with patterns and sorting. In December we will be sorting buttons so if anyone has extra buttons to spare, I can always use more, especially special or brightly colored buttons.
Thank you for helping your child to remember to return their library book by Wednesday of each week so they can check out books on Thursday, our library day.
Our kindergarten conference days begin on Thursday, Nov. 20 and continue through Tuesday, Nov. 25. We will be notifying you of your conference time soon. Please send the conference slip back promptly so that we are sure to schedule you at a time that works for you. Also, there is no school on Monday, Nov. 10, which is our report card writing day, or Tuesday, Nov. 11, because of Veteran’s Day.
Thanks to all of the parents who have been volunteering in my room or offering to take work home with them. It is such a big help and allows Mrs. Morrow and I to break up the class into small groups. This will be especially important when we start our literacy centers. We always welcome parents in our room, even if you can only come every once in a while.

Important November dates
10 no school – report card writing day
11 no school – Veteran’s day
13 Mackenzie and Tristan’s birthday
16 Emily’s birthday
20-25 no school – conferences
26-28 no school – Thanksgiving holiday

We hope you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!
Ms. GrosJacques and Mrs. Morrow

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Good Morning!
I have been informed that I have a blog! Some of the parents who work in my classroom know that I am somewhat technologically challenged so this is a big step for me!
Today we are going to the pumpkin patch. I am so glad we didn’t decide to go last week. We couldn’t have asked for a better day, weatherwise! I will try to put some pictures up on this blog as soon as Mrs. White shows me how to do it. As a follow-up to our trip, we will be measuring the circumference of a pumpkin, learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin plant, and cutting open one of the pumpkins so the students can put their hands inside and pull out seeds!